The Polish public transport is well organised, modern and reckonisable. Tickets are easy to obtain, information is clear and the material has been maintained. It is easy to get into town from the airport.

Warsaw Airport

Warsaw airport is about 8 kilometer outside the city center. From the airport to the center should take around 20-25 minutes.

Public Buses:

5 different busses connect the airport with the city:

Bus 148 – Takes you to the center, right side of the Wisla river to Wiatraczna.
Bus 175 – 175 is a fast line and takes you to the center, left side of the Wisla river, university area. The 175 also passes the main railway station.
Bus 188 – Takes you to the center, right side of the Wisla river.
Bus 331 – Connects with metro station Wilanowska, from there you can easily reach other parts of town.
Bus N32 – Night bus to the central railway station.

All buses stop at the new bus terminal south of the terminal. Tickets ‘Bilety‘ are available at the terminal. Ticket can be bought from the Bilety machines or kiosks with the green Ruch logo. One way tickets cost PLN 4,40.


At the airport start both the S2 and S3 train lines. These fast trains pass through the center and after the center S2 heads for Sulejówek/Milosna and S3 continues to Wieliszew, Modlin.

A clear map of public transport to and from the airport can be found here.


Taxis are available outside the terminal. It is advised to only use taxis from the official taxi stands. A single ride into town is around PLN 40. recommended taxi companies are Ele, Super and Sawa Taxi.

Kraków Airport

Public buses:

Busses 208 connects the northern part of the center (Main Railway Station), 252 connects the southern part of the center and 902 is the night and brings you also to the Main Railway Station. A single ticket cost PLN 4,00, tickets are available at the machines in the terminal, the bus stop, in the bus and with the driver. Tickets must be validated in the bus.


Recently a new train line was been opened between the Main Central Station and Kraków Airport. A one way ticket cost PLN 9,00. Tickets are available at the station and in the terminal.

Private buses:

Private bus companies drive with mini-vans and take you straight to the main railway station from around PLN 13,00 one way. The stop is located outside the passenger terminal in the middle of the other bus stops. Tickets are available online, at the bus stop or from the driver.

Lodz Airport

Public buses:

Lodz Airport is about 6 kilometers away from the city center and is easy to reach by Bus 88, connecting the airport to the main railway station/bus terminal and railway station/bus terminal Fabryczna. The bus stop can be found just outside the passanger terminal. Tickets can be bought at machines in the terminal, the bus stop or in the bus. A single trip cost PLN 3,80. Tickets must be validated in the bus. There is no direct train to the airport.


Outside the passenger terminal there are several taxi stands. We advise not to use taxi’s that offer their services outside the offical taxi stands.