Living in Poland means you need an apartment. There are plenty apartments available, we give you a heads up and some links.

First it is good to realize that inner-cities have high square meter prices, this will reflect in a more elevated rent amount. If you are comfortable commuting to work, save some money by finding an apartment outside the centers of cities.

Your rent consists of the net amount for your furnished or unfurnished accommodation plus the utility bills. In the rent amount landlords will usually add the municipal taxes. Ask your landlord how you can pay your utility bills.

When using an agency expect to pay 50% rent fee to the agent. Your deposit will be either 1 or 2 months rent. Pay attention to how you can leave your apartment without losing your deposit!

Some useful links:


Apartment in Poland

Easy Renting

It is our experience that housing agencies often place advertisements of non-exsting apartments or already rented out apartments. Therefore consider these sites as informative to get an idea of the market. For an up-to-date overview it is best to visit an agent.

Besides scoping around housing sites, it is always a good idea to ask an agent to take you to see several different apartments. Usually your agent can plan these visits in a day. This will give you and idea what is normal and what you should expect. When you find an apartment you like, at the end of the day you could move in!

If this does not work for you, you can always try to hook up with other expats on expat fora on Facebook or otherwise. Or at your new work you can see if a colleague has a spare room to share.

In any case: ask your questions to get the information you need to make you comfortable with your choice for Poland.

If you have any questions: