Poland has some extraordinary suprises for you!

In spite of having suffered numerous devastating events in the past, Poland has time and time again raised its back and rebuild the country. Although a lot of historic sites have been rebuild as they used to be, they are absolutely worth the visit.

So the cities are definitely worth a visit, but Poland also has nature that is unparalleled in Europe. The many mountains, most notably the Tatry, Karkonosze and Bieszczady mountains, the spectacular rock shapes of Ojców National Park just 20 kilometer north of Kraków or the many other national parks with plains, lakes and old style nature.

In the North Poland borders the Baltic Sea. A cold sea yet with plenty to do. For example a visit to Hel Peninsula just a bit further from the gorgeous city of Gdansk. And on the other side Szczecin on the border of Lake Dąbie for fishing, swimming and sailing, again surrounded by beautiful national parks. It seems almost all Polish towns have national parks close by. You will be suprised at what Poland has to offer.

On top of that Polish people can cook and are generally very hospitable and happy to share their culture. Speaking of which Poland houses many international festivals, among which Polands own Woodstock (beginning of August, Kostrzyn nad Odrą on the German border), Baltic Sail, with various nautical events with impressive tall ships. Or why not go text a song to the Prague Orchestra statue (Praskiej Kapeli) in Warsaw, count all the dwarfs in Wroclaw and of course you do not want to miss out on the traditional celebrations of Juwelania (all university cities in May) and Wianki Music Festival every June in Kraków!

Learn a few words Polish, do your work and do some travelling to discover this beautiful country in Europe.